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Breaking paradigms



Bizbrain Technologies has reached out to us to craft a cutting-edge branding campaign. This campaign will be versatile, ready for publication across various digital platforms and in print media. Our challenge is to develop a distinctive campaign for the IT market, one that shatters the conventional visual norms seen in typical IT campaigns – think beyond the clichés of computers, clouds, and stock supply chain images. Let’s redefine the IT branding landscape together.

Reaching the unknown.

Bizbrain is an expert in SAP Supply Chain implementations. These solutions are incredibly powerful; however, they can overwhelm clients with a multitude of possibilities, leading to complexity and distrust. Bizbrain has an in-depth understanding of the solution, which is why they’ve tasked us with creating a creative campaign focused on showcasing their ability to simplify the complex.

This campaign will illustrate the journey from a client’s initial apprehension about acquiring the solution to what Bizbrain delivers through its implementation. To craft a compelling message, we’ve employed metaphors that steer clear of typical IT visual language, capturing clients’ attention and achieving the campaign’s objectives. From ballet scenes to tomato fields and craft paper, we’ve created unique messages with strong headlines, resulting in a powerful campaign.

Charting a path to

The campaign was designed in two formats. Some media platforms were limited to one ad, while in others, we could unfold the story in multiple steps. On one-time communication platforms, we needed to find an eye-catching image that represents simplicity within a complex environment. So, we harnessed AI to create a unique image featuring two dancers emerging from a large group.

The second ad was centered on deep understanding. In this ad, you can see Albert Einstein teaching physics in a 7-year-old’s classroom. Simplifying physics enough to teach it to a group of 7-year-old kids is no small feat, right?

The second part of the campaign focused on the client’s vision, acknowledging that SAP solutions are powerful yet intricate. We crafted a two-phase campaign, leveraging metaphors to bridge the gap between the client’s imagination of the implementation and what Bizbrain actually delivers. The result is a highly visual and easily comprehensible representation of the experience Bizbrain has to offer.

The campaign was adapted for use in stand-up banners, LinkedIn posts, PowerPoint presentations, and digital ads. Most of the images were created using Artificial Intelligence under the meticulous art direction of Lion Agency

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