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G4: Your Game-Changer for Metrics Measurement

Like every year, Google not only tells us what the year’s trends will be, but it is also part of the change. This time, it’s informing us, several months in advance, of a real shift in the way of generating reports and metrics for websites and applications. Properties currently using Universal Analytics will be switched to Analytics 4 starting in June. What does this mean? All your current measurements will no longer be relevant in the face of a new way of measuring traffic and attributions. 

Don’t worry – there is always a solution to your problem and we can help you.
The first step is to back up all your current metrics. Then, create a copy of your current website in the GAU properties and start migrating to GA4. This way, you can get an idea of how the new Google property works and how it can help you track your business metrics up to six months before the switch. Thirdly, bring your media, development and content teams together to decide how the new reporting should look and what metrics should be used. For instance, we know that the «dwell time» will be adjusted and the way to measure «milestones» will change. Events will be automated over the
configurations, which can be complex, but this new version makes them easier to tackle and interpret.
Furthermore, there are a variety of criteria and display variations, with events taking precedence over views. There is a lot to learn and do.
If you need a furiously partner, we can roarrr through it.

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