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Content Marketing

Identifying the insights, We tell brand stories and create conversations, building authentic connections with audiences. We’re strategic. Every piece of content we create has a reason-why and is part of a greater purpose. Our storytelling generates engagement and two-way conversations and relationship between your brand and your audience.


The primary focus was building affinity, driving consistency and unleashing engagement with the McAfee brand via LATAM platforms (Spanish language) and Brazil platforms (Portuguese language). Secondary objectives were built awareness, increase the reach of McAfee’s communications and drive target audience.

Bizbrain Technologies

The goal is to create interesting content that would attract business executives, customers, and technology experts from the world of SAP IBP to create a community and position Bizbrain Technologies as an important player in the field. We create original content, webinars, articles, specific solutions and industry news to drive traffic from Linked In.


Strategy, content creation, design and production for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Content was created in English, Spanish and Portuguese and the success was measured by the number of content downloads from each of the distributors across the continent.


We create social content and audio content for DiRWA. For their Linked In platforms (US, LATAM and Brazil) the goal is to grow DiRWA’s social audience, building awareness and driving target audiences to the website, digital events, and audio platforms. For their channel RPA Smarter we select trending topics, influencers, and RPA experts and upon script/questionnaire company approval we record and editing all podcasts.

Tio Gazpacho

The main goal of the Tio Gazpacho storytelling on its social platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram was to show a product that inspires an emotional response and finds a meaningful place in people’s lives, giving them a solid reason to engage with the brand and Tio Gazpacho’s flavors.

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