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Empathy campaign



A new bank is born.

On November 23, 2018, Mercantil Bank unveiled its new brand, Amerant Bank, with public offering scheduled for a month later. Amerant Bank proposed a new vision, translated into a new positioning and revamped products and services globally.

Changes are never easy, especially when they impact the way clients use and access credit products. Assimilation takes time, and so does acceptance. Some experience a remarkable fear of the unknown, but things don’t have to stay this way.

Mobile Banking

Appealing to the brand’s history.

We were hired to create an empathetic digital campaign that would communicate the bank’s new brand values, product and services, and its international client portfolio. Our goal was to change clients’ perception about the brand, by appealing to its heritage. We analyzed concepts in 4 categories: awareness and branding, education, life experience, and interaction.

Each content type had a different tone to fuel engagement. For the awareness content, the bank would speak to the audience effectively, while educational content would include cartoons tailored to the bank’s new visual language. The experiential content would show the customer enjoying the benefits of the new bank services, while the interactive content would share the customers’ point of view on changes.

The outcome?
Lifelong customer loyalty.

The campaign was developed over the course of Amerant Bank’s first year, with more than 24 inbound marketing communications. Some were adapted to the new site, while others were offline. Written in two languages—English and Spanish—the texts featured exhaustive image analysis to truly connect with the target audience. A system of icons and graphics, aligned with the bank’s new branding, made the communication as educative as possible-driving even greater customer loyalty.

By educating, informing, seducing, and appealing to the bank’s new values, the campaign helped consumers change their perception. It not only contradicted previous research results, but also generated significant increase in new account numbers and online data updates. We were thrilled to see the client’s enthusiasm with the change and celebrating Amerant Bank’s new vision.