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Celebrating diversity




The Winter Party Festival (WPF) is committed to supporting change for the LGBTQ+ community both at a national and local level. The approach the Winter Party Festival uses to achieve success is part genius and part magic. The party hosts the most amazing mix of people, music, entertainment and top international DJ talent together in one place to help raise money for the LGBTQ+ movement.

A new image
and concept for WPF.

The process began in 2015 when the WPF task force decided to take the festival concept to another level. They aimed to attract a new generation of free people who wanted to express their sexuality without limits. They started with the redesign of the logo to convey that WPF was a glowing high-energy haven with a joyful and welcoming community.

We were invited to the 2016 campaign RFP. We won and continued to be the Winter Party Festival agency for four more years. Every year, we handled all the digital communications, creation of advertisements, official guides, passes and merchandising, signage for the event, and all collateral marketing.

Art Deco on the skin.

Every year, we explored new communication channels from national to international media, utilizing above all the boom in social networks. One of the most creative executions was the 2017 campaign, where we used the typical Art Deco architecture of South Beach as a design element, creating frames and lines that blended into models’ bodies in the form of tattoos.

The end product was a sexy, eye-catching ad. It was a great journey until 2019, when the pandemic caused cancellations of large events. We put our hearts and souls into this account that does so much for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, and we helped them achieve record-breaking results.

More attendance,
more fundraising.

1 million
in fundraising

1.4 million
in fundraising

1.6 million
in fundraising

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