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Below-the-line marketing

a brand


As part of the launch of the global campaign for its new hair care line, British multinational Unilever called on us to develop a solution to strengthen the image of Sunsilk products, a collaboration between renowned hair stylists and researchers.

The strategy.

We created a below-the-line marketing campaign that highlighted hairdressers. We also produced Sunsilkmag, a specialized magazine that focused on hairstyling trends. It was the core of the 360-degree campaign, and it included web, TV and radio.

The magazine was created, produced and developed entirely by our team of creatives, journalists, editors, photographers, designers and filmmakers, with the participation of Unilever’s global hair marketing team.
For the productions, we selected the top celebrities in fashion, makeup and beauty photography, and we chose the most upscale places to shoot.

the globe.

Because Sunsilk is mainly sold in supermarkets, their products may be perceived as lower quality than those offered in hair salons. By including Sunsilk in the magazine with the best beauty salons and hairdressers, and by making hairdressers the main influencers of hair products and trends, we aimed to elevate their brand image.

Eight editions of Sunsilkmag were publish with a global theme and special content for each country on a quarterly basis. Additionally, 26 editions of Sedalmag were published for all the Spanish-speaking countries in South America, the Caribbean and Mexico.

The magazine was distributed in three continents. It became the most widely circulated magazine about hair styling around the world. The list of countries with the most success included Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.

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