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Exploring sensations



The means of consumption have dramatically changed since the eruption of digital technology. Dynamic movements produce sensations that constantly challenge two-dimensional screens.

The value of intangible things, the symbolic universe that you can’t touch but you can feel, is more present every day. Despite this, it is more distant. The Muveri app changes that.

Born to crystallize a digital experience.

A team of entrepreneurs decided to join the worldwide trend of selling products through unique platforms with high-end looks and capabilities. This is how Muvery was born, a new app that crystalizes digital experiences to a sensorial level never before seen. Muvery shows the products in 3-D high-definition videos to enhance their best attributes.

In addition to create a shopping experience that explores the senses, the app also allows users to share the contents with their groups of friends on different social networks. In this way, it’s possible to make viral the communication of the products published on other channels.

The project.

he project began with the development of the brand. We created a typographic logo in the shape of a circle that represents the 360-degree shopping experience, and we included the slogan EXPLORE BRANDS. Then, we moved on to the app design stage, taking into account the best user experience.

Once the app was designed, it was time to feed it with content.

The catalog offers a search menu that allows faster access to products either by name or by category. Enticing videos were created for the different premium brands: fragrances, appliances, clothing and decor.

Muvery opened a new space where sophisticated users can find exquisite pieces on an unprecedented digital platform. It’s time to explore sensations.