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Engage. Disrupt. Innovate.

When the challenge is nothing but traditional, an innovative strategy is the only thing that will help you obtain engagement from costumers and reach your campaign goals. Here are some success stories that will make you want to partner with Lion.

Engagement. The new Black.

While thinking of an engagement strategy for AMEX we ended creating our own bespoke platform that could be effective for their internal customers. Results? 56% open rate, 80% answers, 100% Engagement.

B2B2C Strategies.

The alliances between brands grow and die in a dynamic market. Creating programs that maximize the capabilities of our partners is an effective marketing strategy. That was the case with “Win with Clients, Think inside the box.”.

Traveling the smart way.

When a product is new the challenge is doubled since you have to communicate and educate in a different way. That’s when our creatives experiment with new engagement techniques that combine message, image and strategic media.

Focusing on the offshore market.

Gaining the trust of Latin American clients goes way beyond than speaking their own language, and difficulties are even greater when the product is complex. These are challenges that we are used to overcome like in the case of the investment bank strategy of products for Mercantil Bank.

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